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This website is dedicated to the owners and inhabitants of the Residence "Le Pré Saint Nom" and will give all the information that you will need to live on this estate.

Explanation of the Site homepage

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Useful links

  • La mairie : website of the Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche town hall giving local news, forthcoming events and practical information for inhabitants of the village.
  • La Communauté de Communes : website of Gally Mauldre - the group of communities and villages to which Saint Nom la Bretèche belongs.
  • La météo locale : site giving the weather forecast for the next days, managed by Météo France.
  • Le calendrier "collecte des déchets" : timetable for waste collection in Saint Nom. Generally the timetable is as follows, Mondays – vegetable waste, Tuesdays and Fridays – non sortable waste, Wednesdays – plastics and paper, Thursdays glass bottles and jars. There are some seasonal variations for vegetable waste and bank holiday collections. Provision is also made for the disposal of toxique waste and large objects.
  • Adresses et N° utiles : useful adresses and phone numbers to be used in case of emergency and for information.

Advices and information

  • Propriétaires-loueurs : a few recommendations to the owners who rent out their houses
  • Locataires : some recommendations for tenants
  • Nouveaux arrivants : advice for new arrivals
  • Cahier des charges : these are the general conditions and rules by which the estate is managed and which all residents are legally required to respect in order to garantee a harmonius mutual existence. Apart from management, rules also cover items which have an effect on the visual aspect of the estate, good relations between neighbours and the need to ask permission for certain improvements to properties.

Top menu

  • La résidence : short history of the Résidence, describing the various types of houses with photos, common open spaces and technical installations.
  • La gestion : a desciption of how the estate is organised, managed and the role of the Comité Syndical which is responsible for overseeing the application of the Cahier des charges.
  • Vie pratique : practical information concerning the day to day life of the residence.

We hope that the explanations given on this page will help you to make the best use of the content in this website. Please do not hesitate to email us with your questions or comments and ideas for any future developments.

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